Valorant may receive new ranking system in Ignition Act 2

By Olivia Richman


Jul 24, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

With Ignition Act 2 just around the corner, Valorant data miners are already hard at work uncovering what’s in store for fans of Riot’s tactical shooter. 

Valorant developers confirmed at the beginning of July that there will be changes to Valorant’s ranked mode, including an ELO mode similar to the one in League of Legends. Valorant’s lack of a top 500-type rank left many competitive players feeling frustrated once they reached the top rank, Radiant. 

“We’re working on plans for something like this but don’t have an ETA,” Valorant game director Joe Ziegler tweeted back. “Definitely interested in giving players a chance to see who’s the best of the best.”

Dataminers find new ranked system in Valorant

While developers have confirmed that changes are coming to ranked mode, information has yet to be revealed. Dataminer Valorant Leaks decided to look into it for themselves. 

“From what I can see, it seems that this will be a new ranking system entering the game with the new Act,” Valorant Leaks said. 

The dataminer noted that the ranks would go up and down, ranging from level one to five. Having three levels for each rank would create more depth and even matchmaking in ranked play. 

Players would also be able to rank up within Radiant, the highest rank. This would mean that the top players from around the world will have to compete amongst each other to move up within Radiant’s ranks. 

Each tier within each rank will likely have its own unique border, indicating where people stand. The design gets more intricate as the tiers advance. There will also be unique arrows assigned to each rank, like golden arrows for players ranked in Gold, and red for players in Immortal. 

Valorant new rank system

According to the data leaks, there will also be a rank reset when Act 2 comes on August 2. 

Riot has yet to confirm any of these data leaks. Even though the images come from files within the game’s update, developers can always change things before the official launch. This still provides a clear outline for what fans can expect in the near future.


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