Bind recreated in Minecraft

Valorant map bind was recreated in Minecraft, and it’s amazing

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Remember when a player recreated Ascent in Fortnite? Valorant has now reached Minecraft, and it’s an amazing sight to see.

Within a year of its release, tactical shooter Valorant has garnered a loyal count of around 14 million players. Unlike some other shooters, Valorant’s player base includes fans of a broad variety of games including Overwatch, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and even Minecraft. This variety has bolstered Valorant’s popularity in various genres, leading to cross-world creations. 

After a Fortnite version of Ascent was made and shown off, another player has brought Valorant’s dusty location to Minecraft. It’s a precise copy of Bind, except it’s made with blocks. 

FoxicalOW received an overwhelming response from players after he shared his creation. The artist was given appreciation for his great attention to detail on Bind. Not only did he add the signature Radianite boxes and trees, he also made sure that the background looked exactly like Riot’s Bind. The metal buildings and poles stand tall atop the sunlit scenery. He even added some flooring behind the magical teleporters for a more realistic touch. 

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FoxicalOW spent three months to create the perfect Bind look. According to him, it was the background that took the most time. Bind happens to have a lot of detail in its unplayable areas, and the artist ensured that all of it made it into the Minecraft version. 

FoxicalOW’s lightning on Bind also caught the attention of Valorant players who thought that it was more pleasant than the original version. However, the artist noted that Riot has to consider gameplay restrictions while designing a map, while his version is purely for visual purposes. FoxicalOW’s sunlight resembles CSGO’s daylight, as it is much lighter and paler, and is generally easier on the eye. 

Valorant dev praises Bind recreated in Minecraft 

A Valorant developer is also among the long fan list of FoxicalOW’s work. Riot Games’ lead environment artist George Sokolat noticed the art and praised the three-month project. Usually, Riot Games gives out exclusive gun buddies to creatives like FoxicalOW, but the artist is likely happy with the recognition he’s getting as it is. 

Considering the positive response, FoxicalOW is planning to roll out more Valorant recreations, but he’s looking for maps that don’t have such complex backgrounds. Fans should stay tuned for more work if they want to enjoy their favorite maps in Minecraft’s blocky visuals.