Valorant map 9 could resemble Bind, here are images, teasers

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 12, 2022

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Valorant map nine, codenamed Jam, is only a month away from release if speculations are correct. Teasers and leaks are also reaching a fever pitch. Here’s everything new we know about the upcoming location. 

Riot Games recently announced that Bind and Breeze would leave the active map pool in episode six. Since Riot had settled on magic number seven for the collection, removing two maps means a new location is in the cards along with Split. All of this will happen in patch 6.0 in January, and here’s everything we know about mystery map nine. 

According to Harbor, Valorant map nine is located in India. He calls it a city of flowers, which means the map will divert from cold, oceanic themes. Instead, expect a summery theme for Jam or maybe even spring. Teasers also hint at the multiverse concept, suggesting that map nine is being activated by Legion in the multiverse nexus. And that the activation of this new location could lead to catastrophe. 

Valorant email

However, all of this is lore. Competitive Valorant players are more concerned about the layout, especially after Bind’s removal, a well-balanced location. But, hints for the new map are promising. 

Valorant map nine images and location

Valorant Night. Market’s often hide crucial teasers within the wallpaper. This patch’s store was designed on a backdrop many failed to recognize. Now, players are speculating that this could be Valorant’s next map. 

Blog post image

The wallpaper features some fruit market, with bags filled with produce lying in the corner. The image is on beat with a previously teased location, India. Bazaars like that are typical in Harbor’s home, where people shop for fruits, meat, and vegetables. But, some players argued that it’s likely just a picture from one of the markets in Bind. But here’s why we think it’s not Bind, but actually map nine. 

Valorant map nine background teaser
Valorant map nine

In an interview at the Red Bull Home Ground tournament, Riot Games developer Joe Lansford said that the upcoming map is pretty similar to a current location in the pool. The only existing map that’s similar to the teased images is Bind. So, it’s likely Joe Lansford was nodding at Bind since it would be gone in episode 6. So, adding a Bind-cousin map would make a lot of sense. 

Valorant map nine will have a unique mechanic 

Valorant maps are known for their gimmicks. From teleporters to ropes, Riot toys with different concepts to make each Valorant map unique. However, Pearl entered the fray with no such thing. It’s a no-nonsense location split into two sites with a vast mid-area. However, it seems Riot is bringing the signature move back. 

Joe Lansford has confirmed that the next Valorant map will have a gimmick. 

“The next map, what can I say? It’s gonna have a new mechanic. It’s not too crazy. It’s not teleporters. But there will be a new mechanic. It’s going to be similar to another map in the pool,” He said. 

So players must wait until the next act to find precisely what this mechanic is. Will Riot repeat something from previous locations or rolls out something entirely new to shake things up?