Valorant leaker claims a mobile release could be coming

Nick Johnson • October 27, 02:57

As Valorant players wait for the return of the Reaver skin announced by Riot’s official Brazilian account earlier today, mobile still seems to be on the table for the developer of 2020’s most popular shooter.

An alleged leak on Twitter has added more fuel to the fire that Riot Games will bring Valorant to mobile in the coming months.

Twitter is on fire with Valorant’s First Strike qualifiers ongoing, and the game’s international appeal also means that Riot will likely want to move in on the FPS mobile market. Riot is no stranger to mobile gaming, with League of Legends Wild Rift entering beta in select markets and Teamfight Tactics one of the most popular mobile titles the studio has released.

But mobile players shouldn’t get too excited just yet.

When will Valorant mobile release?

Riot Games’ partnership with Tencent in China allows it access to a large customer base that consumes more mobile gaming content than any other country.

It would be quite odd if Riot didn’t at least consider the possibility of bringing its international shooter to phones and tablets. But given how long it has taken for Wild Rift to come to gamers’ phones it’s likely that Riot’s mobile version of the shooter is only in the testing stages. In fact, there was an early leak of a mobile prototype back during the game’s initial beta phase.

But while the image shows keybinding for mobile games, there are base profiles for VR and console still packaged thanks to how Unreal Editor packages its files. If it isn’t the common UE4 error, then there’s the possibility that Valorant will come to all consoles, iPads, VR, AppleTVs, Andriods, and even a version of the game playable inside a user’s browser.

So while Riot is probably working on a mobile release internally, Valorant’s director Joe Zeigler publicly stated that a mobile version of Valorant was explored, but the team wanted to make the PC version the best it could be first.

“While we are exploring other platforms like console and mobile, right now the team is working hard to deliver a top-notch experience on PC,” Ziegler said.

Given how many bugs Valorant has seen in the past several days, and a recent tweet from the game’s official profile apologizing to professional players for being unable to fix the game’s stutter issue before today’s first strike qualifiers, that may be the best bet.


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