Valorant error code 62: What does it mean and how to fix it

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 8, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant errors are rare but they are not non-existent. Many players have complained about a Valorant error code 62, which prevents them from playing the game.

Each Valorant error has a significant number attached, allowing players to file accurate reports and tickets. While most are simple errors and can be fixed by a PC reboot or router restart, others are more stubborn due to their nature. Server-side errors are particularly tricky to deal with as there’s not much players can do to resolve them.

One such error is Valorant code 62, which prevents players from entering a game. Here’s what it means and how to fix it.

What does Valorant error code 62 mean?

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Valorant error code is likely a server-side issue, which is tagged as “NoGamepodsToPingFailure” on the official game website. According to Riot, it happens due to network problems and can be resolved by restarting the Riot client.

But it’s actually not that simple. Riot is aware of the problem and has advised players to hang tight while it resolves the problem. This means that Valorant error code 62 is out of player control, and random fixes are likely not going to work. However, there’s a temporary solution that Riot has recommended.

How to fix Valorant error 62

While Valorant error 62 has no permanent fix, players can get back into their game using a VPN.

“We are aware of the VAL 62 Error and we’re working on fixing it. If this error is still preventing you from logging into VALORANT, using a VPN may get you back in the game while we investigate the issue,” Riot said.

Of course, using a VPN may not be the ideal solution to play a shooter game, but if you get this error in the middle of the game, this is the only way to avoid the leaver’s penalty and save your rank. Rest assured, the issue may get fixed soon, considering how common it is.