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Valorant Delta Damage explained, stat that can help boost MMR

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players are serious about their ACS, which relies heavily upon kills, assists, support, and more. Understanding Delta Damage might help you get better. 

Valorant’s skill ceiling is higher than ever in 2023, and you can never practice enough, especially if you aim to go pro. Just honing your aim is not enough; something as trivial as tenderizing an enemy can account for your whole MMR. Riot developers have recently explained how losing can also help rank up. Well, it depends on how good your ACS looks. 

You will want to take note of every little stat that helps you master every skill area. Delta damage isn’t anything new, but it’s crucial to improving ACS. 

What’s Delta Damage in Valorant? 

Sage in Valorant

Delta Damage is one of the stats in Valorant StatsCentre, an application created by Aimlabs. The app tallies stats that Valorant would typically not show you. Instead of ADR, the app deduces damage in Delta, which is 10 times more useful than basic stats. Here’s why.

Riot has recently revealed how dealing damage and showing individual performance amounts to encounter MMR, leading to increased RR gain. Delta damage is directly connected to encounter MMR since it shows if your dealt damage is greater than damage taken. If the result is a negative value, it means you have more work to do. Conversely, positive Delta Damage suggests your damage dealt is greater than damage taken. 

This damage can be through weapons or utility, but it adds to your stats. So, not finishing out an opponent after a cut-throat duel isn’t effort wasted. Instead, Valorant is keeping track of every single bullet shot. 

Delta Damage’s purpose is to drive players’ attention away from kills. While it’s essential to barge into the enemy’s territory and take down their best shooter, tenderizing them through utility is just as crucial. You may not know it, but Valorant’s MMR system focuses heavily on impact, not just numbers. 

You may sign up for Valorant StatCenter to get exact Delta Damage stats or stay mindful of your overall game impact.  

What is Encounter MMR in Valorant?  

Encounter MMR is what comes into play after Win/Loss MMR. It’s the ELO that you garner by getting assists, using abilities, and winning valuable duels. If your Encounter MMR is good, the chances of your de-ranking quickly become low. 

So, if you were a good sport, planted the Spike, dealt damage, and were a team player, you should experience an MMR gain even after losing. Eventually, the system will grant you a higher RR upon winning, mirroring your stacked MMR. 


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