Valorant data leak reveals new agent Killjoy, game modes, skins

By Olivia Richman


Jul 10, 2020

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It was only a matter of time before someone data mined Valorant. And the results of this latest break have been massive.

Valorant Express decided to dig through the game’s files after the latest patch and emerged with a lot of potentially juicy leaks, including a new agent, new game mode, new weapon skin, and some potential quality of life updates. 

Valorant leaks hint that Killjoy may be next agent

“New audio for the upcoming agent Killjoy has been found,” it was revealed. “There is a chance this audio could change, but I think these sounds are real. You can even hear effects that could potentially be for his turret.” 

The audio files Valorant Express uncovered were futuristic and reminiscent of a robot or cyborg.

This would coincide with earlier leaks that hinted at the existence of Killjoy. Some players discovered a number of agent voice lines that hinted at a new agent that’s short, possibly uses robotic legs, and is some sort of engineer. It’s also thought that Killjoy will be from Germany based on some language used in related artwork. 

Another leaked file revealed that Killjoy may have some lightning-based abilities. 

Valorant’s developers recently stated that their plan was to add six new agents each year, along with a few other big additions like new maps and fresh lore. 

Valorant leaks reveal possible deathmatch game mode

Valorant Express also uncovered a free-for-all mode in the game’s files. This is big news for a Valorant community that has been hounding Riot for a deathmatch mode since the game’s closed beta. 

While Spike Rush was a welcomed addition to the game upon its official launch, deathmatch was still on everyone’s Valorant wish list. 

According to the files, it appears that Riot is currently testing this free-for-all mode on Ascent, which will be updated to support that type of game mode. There are currently no leaked images of the map’s deathmatch concept. 

Valorant leak shows off Cyberpunk cosmetics

The Valorant community has been busy discussing the $95 Elderflame weapon skins bundle, but Valorant Express has already uncovered the next one. According to the game’s files, it will be cyberpunk-themed. 

Files for “cyberpunk” were found for the Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Ares, and a melee weapon. Based on the uncovered files, Valorant Express believes that players could see the cyberpunk-themed weapon skins bundle in two weeks. 

The Vandal, Operator, Scepter, and Classic Pistol were included in a set possibly called “Fallen,” which is still too vague to paint a clear picture. 

The major data mining haul also contained the possibility of support for left-handed players as well as a timeout option. These are two things that the Valorant community has been asking for over the past few months. There were also files related to competitive inactivity warnings, meaning a player would have to play a minimum number of games during a specified period of time in order to maintain their rank. 

So far, Valorant developers have seemed responsive to the community’s concerns, ideas, and general discussions. Many players are already excited about the new features pointed to by these latest leaks. But it’s always possible for the developers to change things up before any or all of these features are released to the public. 

Riot hasn’t confirmed any of the leaks. 


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