Valorant Pride Raze and Killjoy

Valorant celebrates Pride Month 2023 with in-game items

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled in-game cosmetic items to celebrate Pride Month, but players aren’t happy. 

Every year Riot rolls out cards and titles to commemorate Pride Month and show support for LGBTQIA+ communities. Initially, this trend wasn’t well-received by everyone, but now, it seems players want Riot to put effort into Pride items. 

On June 2, Riot lifted the curtain on Pride items for 2023, including colorful cards and a “Proud and Fierce” title. However, players are upset that it’s the same stuff from last year. 

The pack has seven colors, each representing a different community within the LGBTQIA circle. The cards themselves are visually pleasant, delivering a solid message, but players were looking forward to something new. Most players already own these cosmetic items, so there’s nothing new. 

Still, players can bag the brand new title “Proud and Fierce.” Here’s how. 

How to get the Valorant Pride bundle

Valorant Pride

Valorant Pride bundle is available for free until June 27. Here’s how you can claim it: 

  • Launch Valorant
  • Go to the in-game store
  • Here you’ll see the full Pride collection, now pick the Pride
  • Click on the price, which will be zero credits, and complete the process to add the Pride card to your profile

Once you have claimed the card, you can equip it to showcase your pride during the lobby and loading screen.

Riot has made a point of supporting marginalized genders and communities through events and in-game cosmetics. The developer earlier introduced Valorant Game Changers to provide an official platform for women and other marginalized genders in esports to showcase their skills and compete internationally. The project showcased many talented players now enjoying the limelight in the professional scene. 

The Pride cosmetics are on the same beat, but they are time-limited and rare. Players can bag them throughout the month of June, until they leave the game on June 27, 2023.