Valorant Agent 26 could be a plant-based initiator

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

More details about Valorant Agent 26 have emerged, and we may be looking at an initiator.

Valorant agent 26, previously leaked with the codename Sherry, finally has more details. As previously speculated, Sherry may hail from Spain, as this is all we could glean from the leaked codename. But Riot has dropped major hints about the next agent’s toolkit, lore, origins, and more in Valorant episode 9, act 1 trailer.

So far, here’s what we know about the new agent who is also linked to the disappearance of Agent 8.

Who is Valorant Agent 26?

Valorant agent 26 could be an initiator with ties to Omen’s lore. It’s possible that this agent maybe Omen’s long-lost cousin or someone who suffered a similar fate as him.

The Episode 9 trailer ends with a cryptic clip of vines bursting through hard floor where abilities of different agents lay dormant. This implies that the next agent might have a toolkit akin to Kay/O or Fade, both of whom function as initiators in Valorant. Our next agent may be able to either neutralize the abilities of enemies or trap them using their vines.

This also points to a nature-lover agent like Skye or League of Legends’ Zyra. It’s possible that the next character may draw their powers from trees and plants. This has also been teased in a freshly released player card in episode 9, which basically includes a picture of a violet rose on an hourglass background.

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These teasers tie with the Easter egg on Abyss, where a claw was spotted behind the enormous hourglass towards the A-site. A similar claw was also spotted at the end of the episode 9 trailer. Coincidentally, this claw looks exactly the same as Omen’s hand, bringing us full circle.

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The resemblance between the next agent’s supposed claw and Omen suggests a possible connection or shared history with the hourglass kingdom, possibly involving some kind of experiment. However, this is purely speculative and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

If all of that ends up being true, Valorant Agent 26 may answer many burning questions in the game’s lore. More information about the next agent may be released soon, as they are expected to enter the roster in Valorant episode 9, act 2, which is set for August.