Valorant agent 22 leaked codename hints at abilities

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant agent 22 is already in development, but certain leaked info may have given fans an extra-early sneak peek.

Valorant’s roster has ballooned since its launch, with tricky Gekko marking the 21st agent to enter the fray. However, Riot Games is already hard at work on a follow-up. Data miners have uncovered details for the next Valorant agent, and while details are scarce, what we know could mean a lot for their aesthetics and gameplay.

The latest info was dug up by ValorantLeaks, an established data miner in the leaking community. Deep in the game’s files, there’s a folder that appears to be meant for developers’ eyes only. In that directory, there are folders and files that appear to confirm the name of the next agent to be added to Valorant. In addition, the folder names confirm the lead designer for the character.

The prototype name for the agent is Sequoia, which is likely inspired by the giant sequoia tree species found in California. In addition, the leaked files confirm that Nicholas Wu Smith is the lead designer for the agent. This is further confirmed by Smith’s social media biography, where he lists himself as the head designer for Fade and “???.”

What kind of abilities will Valorant agent 22 have?

Valorant agents tend to match their physical appearance with their codename, but Sequoia is fairly vague. They could have a natural aesthetic similar to Skye, with outdoorsy gear and a green color palette. Sequoia trees are famous for growing extremely tall over the course of centuries, so it’s possible that Valorant agent 22 will join Brimstone as another senior agent.

Sequoias almost exclusively grow in the United States, so they could be the second American agent in a row after Gekko.

Valorant patch 4.05

As for their gameplay, having the same designer as Fade is our biggest hint. The shadowy agent 19 induces several crippling debuffs, possibly inducing tether, near sight, deafness, and decay all at the same time. Sequoia could do similar, maybe even rooting enemies in their position while applying other debuffs.

Then again, Nick Wu Smith may flex his versatility by creating a movement or setup-based agent instead.

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The only way to know for sure is to wait for Riot Games to confirm Sequoia as Valorant agent 22 in a few months. Considering Gekko’s very recent release, it will probably be at least a few months before there’s any official word. If Riot sticks to three new agents in 2023, expect a teaser sometime in June or July of this year.