Valorant agent 22 teased as a chill initiator who likes Boba tea

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant just released Harbor, but the game is now ready for agent 22. The first teaser shows a chill guy in sneakers and skinny jeans. 

Valorant now has 21 agents scattered across four categories, but they are still not enough. Players want more, and Riot is delivering. In a new State of the Agents video, Valorant’s character producer John Goscicki dropped a teaser and hints about the upcoming agent. 

Agent 22 will be a nice, chill guy. At least, that’s what we gathered from the clip. Goscicki paints a picture of an agent that is intelligent yet calm in stressful situations. Maybe someone like Jett? But, the new agent is not a duelist. 

Who is Valorant agent 22? 

Valorant agent 22 will likely be an initiator, even though Riot just added Fade to the lineup. 

The teased image also includes a message box from Brimstone, but our agent 22 has his name saved as “Beard Papi.” The word Papi has led many to think that he’s from Spain, but it’s worth noting that many Americans also use Papi as an endearing term.

However, it’s unlikely that Riot would use the Spanish word for an English agent, as language plays a vital role in all agent teasers

Valorant agent 22

The developer said that Valorant would have three agents in 2023, one of them an initiator and the other a sentinel. The release order is unknown, but Goscicki mentioned Fade’s aggressive nature, which could mean that the upcoming agent is an initiator but the complete opposite of Fade nature-wise. 

“Sometimes you just need some friends with you, chilling with you as you lock down the path to the next bomb site. Not everyone needs to be so aggressive. Like Fade, we get it, you’re a badass. But can we relax for a second?” the developer said. 

Chronologically, Valorant should get a sentinel first, but all sentinels have no-nonsense kits sufficient for the category. Fade, however, still fails to match Sova’s legacy, meaning this category could use an instant update. 

The teaser didn’t reveal much about agent 22 besides that he has an “eclectic way to deal with situations, new ways to check corners, get onto locations, and plant the Spike.” Typically, the initiators carry the Spike, another basis for the category we deduced. 

This is all revealed about Valorant agent 22 in the latest teaser. Players should expect more hints from Riot until Episode 6 Act 3.