Valorant Act 3 battle pass includes weapon skins, sprays, gun buddies

By Olivia Richman


Oct 10, 2020

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Valorant Act 3 is coming October 13, bringing a new battle pass along with it.

The battle pass will cost 1,000 Valorant Points, which is about $10 if players don’t already have the points. The battle pass will last the entirety of the season, meaning it will be available until Episode 2 in 2021. Per usual, the battle pass will feature 50 tiers, plus Epilogue tiers, that players must unlock to get their hands on new weapon skins, player cards, sprays, and gun buddies. 

Players complained about Valorant’s battle pass system in the pass, claiming it felt very grind-heavy, especially with its weekly missions. It’s unclear if this will change in Act 3. 

What’s in the Valorant Act 3 battle pass? 

The addition of the Icebox map shines a light on the act’s winter theme. The battle pass has complimentary cosmetics, including the “Chilly McFreeze” gun buddy. There are other exclusive player cards and sprays, but the main selling point is the weapon skin collection. 

The full details of the new weapon skins have not been revealed, but Valorant fans have already had a taste of what’s to come. There will be three different skin lines available for battle pass buyers. 

The first collection is Electroflux, available for the Bucky, Classic, Sheriff, and Stinger. Each Electroflux skin comes in three variants to unlock. The collection features bright neon colors with simple, geometric designs that are bold and eye-catching. 

Valorant battle pass electroflux

The second skin line will be Jade, which comes for the Ghost, Judge, Phantom, and Spectre. True to its name, the weapons are a beautiful, bright jade with powerful gold accents throughout. This collection has a high-class, expensive feel that sets them apart from more colorful lines. 

Valorant battle pass Jade

The last skin line to unlock is Gothic, which can be used on the Marshal, Guardian, Shorty, and Vandal. It also has an unlockable melee weapon, Ruin Dagger. This was leaked by dataminers ahead of Valorant’s official announcement. The deadly black and gold weapon features sharp, curved blades and red gems. 

Valorant ruin dagger

Battle pass buyers will also unlock the “VERSUS // Raze + Killjoy” card, the “VERSUS // Vandal + Phantom” card, the “No Operator” spray, the “Pick My Strat” spray, the “Scuttle Trash” gun buddy, and the “Discotech” gun buddy. There’s also a new Viper spray and a “Radianite Hazard” player card.

Players who don’t feel like paying for the battle pass will still receive some free rewards. This includes the Surge Sheriff, the “Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands” spray, the “Chilly McFreeze” gun buddy, and the “Space Game” spray. 

In the battle pass, there will be three different skin lines Episode 1 Act 3 will also feature a new map and a new support agent. Valorant Act 3 begins on October 13. 


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