Valorant 2.11 patch notes addresses ongoing frame rate drop issue

By Olivia Richman


Jun 8, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

After a month without updates surrounding the VCT Masters Rejkyavik event, Valorant got a small but impactful patch that focused on improving the game’s performance. 

Valorant patch 2.11, and yes 2.10 was skipped, doesn’t have any major balance changes to weapons or agents. Instead, it focuses on bug fixes and frame rate improvements. Riot Games developers noted that there won’t be any “fireworks” this time around. This patch is basically “the quiet before the Episode 3 storm.” Still, there are some important changes in this update that fans can unanimously look forward to. 

Valorant patch 2.11 improves frame rates

Riot comms associate Jeff Landa immediately started out with the important stuff. He wrote: “Not for nothing, Patch 2.11 should improve your framerate by 1% on average if you’re on a medium–high spec machine.” 

While this isn’t the biggest improvement, it’s something Valorant fans are happy to see. Players have been reporting serious FPS drops since patch 2.09, with those who were usually running the game at around 150 FPS reporting around 60 frames per second. 

This was an issue before the patch as well, dating back to around patch 2.05. After every patch, players have begged Riot to address the game’s frame rate with those issues having an impact on user experience and competitive integrity. That 1% may or may not make a huge difference, but the fact that Riot is finally looking to sort this issue should be welcome news for fans. 

Valorant patch 2.11 fixes bugs, improves in-game leaderboards

The June 8 patch had some other updates for Valorant players. Temporary game modes will now be shuffled in and out of the game with each big update. This includes LTMs like Snowball, Replication, and Escalation. Replication is now the featured temporary game mode. 

In-game leaderboards are also getting more functionality. Players are now able to search for specific names in the global rankings. Several leaderboard bugs were also addressed. 


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