Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare line faces backlash from streamers

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter’s new merch tallied jaw-dropping numbers in the first few hours of its launch, but her new venture into skincare is turning out to be a flop among many fans and fellow streamers.

Valkyrae promised to expand her reach in different fields, not just in gaming, and she held true to her word. After rolling out a clothing line, Valkyrae has dipped her toes into skincare with RFLTC, but some are question the legitimacy of her new product line.

The product is apparently meant for gamers who spend hours glued to their screens, potentially damaging their skin from exposure to excessive blue light. According to Valkyrae, RFLTC is “designed to protect skin from blue light pollution,” but the community doesn’t think the problem really exists. Popular streamers and gaming personalities have come forward labeling RFLCT as a “scam” based on pseudoscience.

What do streamers think of Valkyrae’s RFLTC beauty line?

Popular streamer Hasan Abi trolled Valkyrae’s new launch and called it a “bullshit product.”

“This conversation is literally a non-issue,” Hasan said, referring to blue light damaging skin. “News flash, capitalism sells bullshit fucking products on a regular basis to a bunch of consumers who’ll never see an actually fucking impact that the product is designed to do,” He said.

Fans complain that the issue of blue light damaging the skin to such an extent may not be an issue at all. With a lack of scientific research to back the claims behind RFLCT, many have raised questions around its efficacy. Critics believe that generic skincare creams and switching to dark mode should be enough to block out the harmful effects of blue lights, if there even are any.

It’s worth noting that Valkyrae says she has dedicated two years to this product. Her fans are hoping that she either has a proper explanation prepared, or that she was just lacking a full understanding of the supposed science behind RFLCT. The streamer did tweet out confused response to backlash, but quickly deleted it after.

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Félix “xQc” Lengyel responded to Valkyrare’s skincare product and doubted whether she knew enough about the subject to launch her own line. However, Valkyrae claims she’s invested a lot of time trying to understand the skincare industry.

Apart from streamers, the backlash from esports personalities and big streaming named has been brutal. Valkyrae isn’t only being trolled for peddling pseudoscience, but also for potentially affecting impressionable young fans with wrongful ideas.

The streamer should respond to the community backlash soon as it continues to pick up traction.