Valkyrae promises “sources” to come on RFLCT skincare claims

Fariha Bhatti • October 22, 10:28

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has finally broken her silence and has promised to add “sources” to her RFLCT skincare line product’s website. 

Two days after the release of RFLCT, Valkyrae has responded to the growing criticism towards her new product. The streamer called the brutal reaction “warranted” and promised that sources explaining RFLCT’s purpose would soon appear on its website. 

“I also was very upset and confused when I saw the website, and there were no links to the studies or credits to the labs or the people that work behind the scenes to make RFLCT happen. It was very confusing, lacking a lot of information, but they’re updating it now,” Valkyrae said. 

Valkyrae won’t be streaming until the website shows these promised substantial articles backing the products’ uses, which means fans must wait further still. It’s worth noting that she has removed “co-owner RFLCT, and 100 Thieves” from her Twitter and Instagram bio following the negative community response. 

Valkyrae responds to backlash after RFLCT sparks controversy

Valkyrae said she’d talk more about the subject and return to streaming once the RFLCT website had been updated. However, fans are confused about how she would source her peer-reviewed research from to back the claims of blue light’s toxic effects when little to none exists. The few papers that do suggest any correlation highlight the minimal impact of even unusually high amounts of blue light. What exists does not seem solid enough to base a whole beauty line on. 

Fans are also concerned about the ambiguity of product details revealed on the website. The percentage of formulas isn’t mentioned on the bottles or its ingredient page, which is concerning. The product lacks SPF, which is highly crucial after lathering elements such as glycolic acid, which is present in an unknown amount in the RFLCT cleanser. 

All of these concerns, coupled with lack of research, have earned Valkyrae negative feedback. Fans and popular esports personalities have criticized the streamer for turning a blind eye to these significant issues. It’ll be interesting to see how Valkyrae bounces back from the harsh criticism and if she sells her product despite the initial backlash. 

What is RFLCT? 

Twitch streamer Valkyrae recently unveiled her “two-year project,” a new skincare line called RFLTC. This sparked controversy in the gaming community as many called it a “scam.” With minimal research to back the harmful effects of blue light which RFLCT products are purported to protect against, fans complained that the streamer is looking to cash out an impressionable audience with what is a non-issue. 


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