Uzi injuries and BLG team issues lead to ADC stepping down

By Nicholas James


Mar 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Jian “Uzi” Zihao has stepped away from pro play yet again due to previous injuries flaring back up as well as a lack of synergy with his new team. Here’s what you need to know.

Uzi is considered by many fans and professional players to be the greatest AD carry player of all time, known as the “Mad Dog” in the LPL for his ceaselessly aggressive play in team fights. The all-star marksman returned to professional play this year on the Bilibili Gaming roster in the LPL after he previously retired due to wrist and other health issues exacerbated by the relentless lifestyle of pro play.

Uzi injuries mean he won’t play with BLG in playoffs

Many fans were impressed that Uzi was ready to return to the rigorous demands of professional play so quickly given the apparent severity of his injuries, but it hasn’t lasted as long as many fans would hope. On March 23, Bilibili Gaming Esports Club announced on its Weibo account that he would be stepping away from the roster ahead of the LPL playoffs due to his previous health problems cropping back up yet again in combination with synergistic issues.

The sudden change leaves Bilibili Gaming’s roster in the lurch ahead of the playoffs that will begin on March 25. The team has not only lost one of the main members of its roster, but also one of the most historically respected players in his role mere days before the spring split’s conclusion and the start of playoffs. Bilibili Gaming showed some weaknesses during the spring split but was still successful enough to qualify for playoffs.

Uzi’s departure shocked many fans who expected the team to play out the current iteration of the roster at least until the end of the playoffs. Either the internal conflicts were simply too much for BLG to comfortably handle, or that combined with Uzi’s injuries made playoffs an uncertain future.


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