Yoru teleport trick

Use this new Yoru teleport bug to trick enemies into rotating

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

While most players have just been ignoring Yoru, dedicated players have found a valuable trick to make the agent more viable. This new Yoru teleport trick is subtle and powerful. 

Valorant’s least-played agent, Yoru, is better than most think. This new Yoru teleport trick shows what he’s capable of in the right hands. It’s a weird bug that works in a unique way. 

Yoru never quite managed to live up to the”superhero” image of his teasers. The Japanese agent was a highly anticipated duelist, but players were instantly disappointed. Some still believe in his kit, and these same players have discovered a bug that makes his kit more effective.

With this Yoru’s weakest ability, his teleport, has become his specialty. Players have long complained that his teleport is too loud to be useful, alerting nearby enemies to his position. Since the developer didn’t fix it, players have discovered a bug that makes use of this issue. 

How to use Yoru’s teleport to fool enemies

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Drop Yoru’s blue drop at corners of the map with props. If the teleport tether is in an inaccessible or out-of-bounds area, it will make the sound without Yoru actually going anywhere. 

The agent can fool enemies with this, misguiding them mid-game. There are a number of different uses for this both on offense and defense. 

This can be a game-changer when enemies use sound cues to do the mid-round shot-calling. Using this trick, the duelist can distract the opponents and clear out angles for his teammates. It’s worth noting that this bug only works on select spots on the map. Areas like blocks with barrels, corners, and high points are ideal for this trick to work. The glitch doesn’t work on level surfaces. 

Is Yoru getting a rework? 

Yoru’s kit is getting a facelift soon, Riot Games has revealed. His decoy will become more deadly as they might feature a carbon copy of the agent model instead of mere footsteps. The developer hasn’t announced more details, but Yoru will likely become a deadly duelist soon.