Use this Cyper tripwire trick to lure enemies into your sites

Fariha Bhatti • April 14, 2021 4:50 am

Cypher’s spy kit shines brightest on Split thanks to the map’s enclosed areas and choke points. This galaxy brain play proves that Cypher is the key to winning on split thanks to his strong options on the B site.

Valorant has 15 agents and all of them are equipped with abilities that may or may not work on select maps. For example, Sova often underperforms on Split since his arrows are best on maps with verticality. On Icebox, controllers lose much of their purpose as their smokes rarely come into play. However, these agents have their own map picks where they become absolutely invincible. Cypher enjoys a sky-high pick rate on Split due to his ability to choke entries.

His tripwires and camera help him keep the backlines secure, but he can be deadly on the defensive side as well. In high-ranked lobbies, this strategy may help you secure extra kills as Cypher.

Attach your tripwire from the B main entrance boxes towards the large wooden box. This is a unique angle that the enemy would likely miss spotting while rushing into the site. After that, place your cage in the middle of default and the wooden box. The purpose of the smoke is to trick enemies into finding a secure corner, a corner where you have placed your tripwire. As soon as the attackers tumble on the wire, you’ll have their positions exposed while they’re vulnerable due to the slight concuss. 

While it’s often expected for Cypher to play safely as the team rotates back from A, the agent can singlehandedly lock down a large area and get kills using this trick. The defenders can trust you with a whole bomb site if you know how to execute this setup flawlessly. This trick pairs best with Raze’s grenades and Killjoy’s nano swarm as well. The two agents can injure the dazed enemies after the trip exposes their locations.

What class is Cypher in Valorant? 

The information broker was released in the original Valorant roster as a Sentinel who keeps tabs on enemies from the sidelines. He’s a one-man surveillance network who can secure a large area on his own thanks to his information-gathering abilities. Cypher is a valuable agent in full lobbies where teammates can benefit from his map control and extensive intel. 

Recent buff deactivated Cypher’s equipment post-death, but his pick rate didn’t falter. The agent is still the top Sentinel in high ranked lobbies and professional Valorant games. 


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