Use these Viper Snake Bite lineups to protect the Spike on Bind

Fariha Bhatti • April 6, 2021 6:34 pm

The newly buffed Viper is already making hits in high elo Valorant lobbies. These new retake lineups prove that she’s more viable than ever. 

Smokers become crucial in a map like Bind, where various entries into bomb points call for a substantial blockage. Brimstone stores three big sky smokes in his kit, making him an ideal pick for Bind. While Viper has only one smoke, her toxic screen allows her to anchor A site all on her own. Viper’s your best bet in Bind to have a successful half on defence, but she’s just as deadly on the attack. 

Unlike any other controller, Viper is equipped with two lethal, death-dealing molotovs. Her ability Snakebite inflicts enough damage to wipe out choke points and keep enemies away from an active Spike. Using her poison, Viper mains can play a crucial role for the team on the attacker’s side. 

On A site, the default generator plant is pretty easy to defend. To protect the Spike, move towards A short in the lobby and attach yourself in the corner. Place your crosshair at the edge of this yellow leaf. 

Shoot the molotov to burn off enemies around the Spike. The launcher will take four seconds to reach default, so you may want to shoot a second molotov to keep enemies away till the Spike explodes. You can also throw your Snakebite right after planting instead of waiting for the sound cue to ensure a round win. Since defusing takes seven seconds and one molotov lasts for around eight seconds, you’ll have enough time to stay in the backlines and protect the package. 

You can either use the classic hit against the wall molotov or use a proper lineup for the B site. For the lineup, stand in the corner of B long near the teleporter and use your UI to guide crosshair. Attach the line with the metal’s junction and release the launcher. The Snakebite will stay in the air for four seconds, finally landing on the container default Spike area. 

This is how the two lineups should look like: 

Does Viper’s smoke cause damage? 

Viper’s re-deployable Poison Cloud isn’t just smoke but a toxic barrier that keeps the enemy at bay. The smoke renders instant decay damage of 50 heal. Viper can shoot down vulnerable and weak enemies within the smoke, as agents will regain their health after exiting the smoke field. 


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