Use these hot tips for CSGO’s Week 5 Shattered Web missions

By Nick Johnson


Dec 19, 2019

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Shattered Web’s Week 5 missions arrived last night and all of them are relatively simple to complete. There are still some quick tips that can help players finish them up, and some of them require some time investment, especially “Take the Long Way Home.” There are a few fun ones this week as well, like “Stop and Smell the Roses,” which turns Dust 2 into a Negev playground.

Shattered Web Week 5 Mission quick tips for stars

  • “Feed the Birds” – Befriend chickens for 180 seconds in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta

This might be the most difficult mission of Shattered Web Week 5, if only because some players are actually playing Deathmatch and not chasing chickens. Luckily, the map uses Defusal Group Delta, a playlist that includes common competitive maps.

Players should know their way around these maps and their spawns, making finding both a chicken and a quiet place to lay low while the time adds up fairly easy. The counter doesn’t actually tick up but moves in chunks instead of seconds at a time.

If players think they aren’t making progress, pressing “E” while looking at the chicken seemed like it helped update the counter, but it’s not needed.

  • “Scenic Tour” – Use a parachute for 10 seconds in Danger Zone

Since the introduction of starting perks to Danger Zone, this one is also pretty easy for most players to complete. Picking the parachute as their starting perk means players don’t need to find one on the map, which ends up being half the battle.

Sirocco has a lighthouse that’s perfect for players looking to fling themselves off of something. The large radio tower at the center of Jungle is a hot spot for drops, but players can complete the entire mission in one go if they manage to make it there.

Blacksite is the most difficult, but the bridges that connect the island’s extensions also work well. If players can’t get to one of those, there are always the cliffs and ladder shafts that dot the maps and work well in a pinch.

  • “Stop and Smell the Roses” – Get 25 kills with the Negev in Deathmatch: Dust 2

In what might be the silliest mission this week, “Stop and Smell the Roses” asks players to load up Dust 2 and a Negev and get to work. In what could turn out to be an enjoyable time, Dust 2 becomes a warzone with chattering Negevs echoing across the map.

Hold down fire and spray, and players will hit 25 kills in no time. With the sheer amount of people attempting the mission, there will be times that players are killed on spawn four times in a row, but they’ll get their own triple and quadruple kills on weakened enemies exiting their own fights.

  • “A Walk on the Breach” – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Breach (Scrimmage)

Breach doesn’t get enough love, and just like Office, people who like it sometimes play it exclusively. The broadly separated lanes and middle courtyard allow for easy CT pushes, and an aggressive CT side early followed by a defensive posture late can net a team an easy 10 rounds.

On the other hand, both sites are vulnerable to T side rushes, as each bombsite has three entrances. The A bombsite very open and difficult to smoke off, and B is all tight chokepoints, making B the preferred site for smoke and flash combinations, especially while on low buys.

  • “Take the Long Way Home” – Get 50 kills in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma

The name of this mission is overblown, especially if a player is lucky enough to get matched into an empty lobby. Casual bots are not the deathmatch bots, and they will gladly stand still in front of players to line up their shots.

It takes an average of about two casual rounds to complete this mission. After the first couple of rounds, players will figure out where the enemy team likes to push and figure out a defensive setup on either T or CT side. Everyone rushes in casual, so players should use that to their advantage.

  • “Behold the Sites” –  Get 25 AWP or P90 kills in Guardian: Overpass

AWP or P90, players should take their pick and head to one of two locations. Enemies will rush B from T-spawn, so the AWP should hold Monster while the P90 player holds the water tunnel. We never saw a heavy wave spawn, but the Ts do have AKs and are decent shots.

A smoke and flash is useful for the P90 player in water, and players can toss them over monster to set up easy kills for their partner.

Once again, if players don’t have someone to complete the mission with, the Looking to Play tool on the main menu should get them an invite almost immediately during peak play time.

Due to the data mined mission list, we know that Week 6 is all about using cheap weapons like pistols and shotguns, so players should try to get in some practice with them this week to warm up for one of next week’s missions. We won’t spoil it here, but those who want to know can check out our Shattered Web leak recap for more information.


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