Urgot and Yasuo likely slide in competitive after patch 9.4

By Melany Moncada


Feb 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 9.4 has brought about some big changes to the competitive scene in League of Legends.

One major change is the Urgot nerf. This champion made its return to the meta by the end of 2018 during the KeSPA and Demacia Cup competitions in Asia. Along with Lissandra, Urgot has grown into one of the mainstays of pro League.

In Patch 9.2, Urgot received his first nerf of the season. The most recent nerf increases the mana cost of Corrosive Charge (Q) and Purge (W), also decreasing the amount shielded by his W. These changes have lessened Urgot’s ability to sustain in lane early on.

Yasuo received significant nerfs in the form of attack damage decrease and a critical damage decrease on his Steel Tempest (Q). The champion became a required ban after Patch 9.3 when marksmen items were strengthened. Yasuo could fall off in priority for some teams, but for now he continues to be a strong option.

For every nerf, there is often a buff, and this time Zed and Rek’Sai were chosen for upgrades.

Zed made a quick appearance in the LEC in week four and could see more playing time after his upgrades. The most significant change is the increased attack damage on Razor Shuriken (Q) and increased attack speed growth.

In the jungle, enemies can no longer dodge Rek’Sai’s ultimate unless they dash or blink away by a sufficient distance, allowing the jungler to better engage from range. The champion also received some visual changes, as her Fury Bar now changes from yellow to red as it builds.

After two weeks of “Frostmancy” hell, support items were also addressed. Patch 9.4 introduces the “buddy system” that states that both Spellthief’s Edge Line and Ancient Coin Line required allied champions within 2000 range to grant gold. This prevents their being used by solo lane champions to pull in gold without actually last hitting creeps.

Last but not least, Patch 9.4 brought two new skins: Papercraft Anivia and Papercraft Nunu & Willump.