Upset responds to Adam’s statements over Fnatic Worlds drama

Nicholas James • November 25, 22:07

The discussion around Fnatic’s unfortunate Worlds 2021 run has spilled out onto social media, with ex-top laner Adam “Adam” Maanane’s posting a Twitlonger on his experience in Fnatic and issues with Elias “Upset” Lipp.

In the post, Adam articulated several umbrages about Worlds and the offseason, particularly centered around the team’s AD carry, Upset. Upset has made few public statements since his departure the day before Worlds’ group stage began and released a Twitlonger of his own to expand on Adam’s statements earlier today.

In Upset’s statements, he emphasizes that Adam’s statements about his departure at Worlds 2021 have hurt him. Upset still refuses to clarify the reasons for his departure publically, citing protecting loved ones’ personal lives from the publicity machine and social media. Upset says he regrets that Adam chose to voice his issues in such a public venue, and doubles down on his right to keep his private life away from the social media craze of the offseason, and professional play generally.

Was Upset trying to recruit Alphari?

Upset also addresses Adam’s mention of him trying to recruit Barney “Alphari” Morris to join Fnatic during the offseason behind Adam’s back. Upset clarifies that he spoke to Alphari after Alphari had officially begun talks with Fnatic, and that it was Alphari who requested to talk with his friend and teammate.

Upset says he has no part in picking which players are signed, and that he was merely asked to give feedback to management after speaking with Alphari. Upset reiterates that he believes Adam could have tried to resolve this personally without venting on social media.

The entire conversation seems to be an escalation of internal disputes following Upset’s departure. Fans will likely never get the reason for Upset’s departure but it’s clear that there is some bad blood between the various parties.


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