Understanding how to find the best DFS betting platforms

By William Davis


Mar 24, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

DFS betting is a form of betting where you have to predict the future in a way similar to regular sports betting. However, there are a couple more layers of complexity when it comes to DFS. 

Fans of DFS betting believe it offers significantly more entertainment than regular betting. It can also be more rewarding if you spend time on analysis and strategy. Here’s how to play, where to play, and what you can win.

In 2006, the US federal authorities decided to ban sports betting and online gambling. After the shockwaves subsided, innovative players such as FanDuel and DraftKings began to appear. 

These offered betting, but not on odds. Instead they were fully legal so-called “predictor games.” This gave birth to daily fantasy sports and changed how fans engage with their favorite sports. Click here and read more.

These daily fantasy sites have appeared in a variety of different ways. Today, both regular gambling companies and more specialized DFS sites offer this sort of action. All products work in principle in the same way, namely:

  • You have a budget of in-game credit
  • You use that credit to “buy” a team, player, or other competitive entity, with prices weighted on their prospective performance
  • You earn points based on their performance, which is compared to other players

The depth of the game type makes DFS an interesting alternative to straightforward gambling. It’s more engaging than playing the odds for some and it’s more challenging than playing at a casino

For tournament organizers, it also helps retain players. Even relatively unimportant moments in a match can have serious consequences for people playing daily fantasy sports.

Cost of betting on DFS

Betting on DFS can either be low or high depending on the format and the habits of the bettor. There are freerolls in some DFSbetting systems just like in poker and there are items that only high rollers will bother with.

On average, however, no major investment is required for you to be able to play. Daily fantasy sports offer the ability to play for very large pots with a very small investment. You can also pick out competitions that have more players for a bigger pot, or fewer players for a better chance of winning.

Example of an DFS betting platform

A daily fantasy site offers you the chance to create a dream team. For example if this was for a Premier League match, you would need to select 11 players in total, including one captain. 

You have $100 million in cash to use to buy your picks. Should the total cost exceed 100 million, you can start the game with a negative score. 

As the match progresses, you will earn points and lose points based on how the real-life players you selected perform in their matches. If a player you have selected scores, you can count on a generous number of points. Of course, if one of your defenders causes a penalty, your points may decrease instead.

Top DFS Betting Platforms

Due to the popularity of DFS, there’s a great number of platforms available at the moment. In the past, there were only FanDuel and DraftKings platforms but nowadays there are plenty of apps and websites to choose from. 

Although some of these platforms are similar in their options, most of them have a wrinkle that makes them unique and worth checking out.


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