Two LoL apps were just bought for $55 million

By Nicholas James


Jun 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Two League of Legends statistics apps created by the same person were just bought out for a massive $55 million, but why were these LoL apps so valuable?

League of Legends is a complicated game, and there are plenty of third-party tools meant to help ease players in. With a player count well above 100 million, there is no shortage of LoL players to use these apps. So much so that some are multi-million dollar businesses, and there’s proof. Two well-known League of Legends tools just sold for an insane total. Here’s how two LoL apps made by the same person sold for $55 million.

League of Graphs and Porofessor sell for millions

League of Legends players have probably heard of the tools League of Graphs and Porofessor. LoG is a stats website that breaks down the metagame of Riot Games’ enormously popular MOBA into easy-to-understand data visualizations. Porofessor is one of many in-game products that offer item, rune, and matchup suggestions to the user by scraping the Riot Games API for information.

Both of these tools belonged to Wargraphs, a French company with a lone employee, founder, and leader, Jean-Nicolas Mastin. Wargraphs was recently acquired by M.O.B.A Network, a stats and guides-focused network that owns well-known sites like HearthPWN, Mobafire, and Counterstats, for a whopping $55 million. Even esports players at the highest level have endorsed Porofessor, showing its wide reach.

Wargraphs was purchased for over $50 million USD by the M.O.B.A network earlier this week. Lone employee Jean-Nicolas Mastin was the recipient of all of that. Now both tools will join the network, becoming yet another stats tool in the wide array of API-stat assets that M.O.B.A owns.


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