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Nadia Amine unbanned after controversy, Asmongold responds

By Olivia Richman


Dec 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial Call of Duty player Nadia Amine was swiftly unbanned after an initial suspension from Twitch for doxxing a viewer. Now, Asmongold is calling on Twitch to permanently ban the streamer.

Amine has been the subject of controversy for a while now due to multiple cheating accusations. But she was most recently in trouble for a completely different matter. Amine found her Twitch account suspended for two weeks a few days ago, but seemed confused as to what had led to the punishment. Other people, however, had clips at the ready.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Amine can be seen giving away the full name of a troll who donated to her to leave her a message that she’s a cheater. Amine explained that his full name was available on PayPal, telling him to find something to do with his life instead of “looking like a f—ing idiot.”

Despite an uproar over her behavior, Twitch suddenly revoked the ban and allowed her back on the platform in a matter of hours. This had the streaming community baffled, and some prominent content creators have spoken up about the situation.

Asmongold calls out Twitch after Nadia Amine unbanned

Esports personality Jake Lucky tweeted on December 15 that Nadia Amine has been unbanned after an initial suspension for “revealing personal information.”

World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold responded to the tweet with a strong opinion on the situation. After watching the clip, Asmongold concluded that Amine had “intentionally doxxed him.”

“Should be a permaban without even a question,” Asmongold said. “Amazing that Twitch is struggling with this.”

The Twitch community was largely in agreement with Asmongold. Many expressed frustration with Twitch for not having more consistent punishments and not having a strong stance on such concerning behavior.

Some people, however, felt that a permanent ban was too strong since Nadia had doxxed the man for harassing her.

Either way, Twitch’s wishy-washy behavior and inability to create firm guidelines that are consistently enforced have created quite a stir in the streaming community. A lot of people are calling on Twitch to explain the logic behind its decision to unban Nadia Amine after just six hours.