Twitch subscriptions now purchasable on iPhones, through iOS

By Brent Harrington


Oct 19, 2019

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Twitch users can now subscribe to your favorite streamers through the Twitch app on iOS devices.

The streaming company first announced this change at TwitchCon in San Diego in September. The Twitch app has now added an iOS update that will allow viewers to subscribe to their favorite streamers on their iPhone, iPad, and other iOS hardware through the Twitch app for $5.99 USD. 

How to subscribe to a Twitch channel on your iPhone


Instead of just subscribing with the click of a button, users now must purchase iOS Sub Tokens, which are nearly one dollar more expensive than a traditional subscription. In an effort to make the creators’ share of the sub more inline with the normal desktop subs, Twitch has boosted the price slightly, adding the additional $.99 to account for mobile store fees.

The token is worth one month of a Tier 1 subscription. You can re-sub by redeeming more tokens whenever you want, and you can redeem up to 12 tokens at one time.

With the addition of iOS Sub Tokens, Twitch has taken another step towards allowing their creators and viewers more freedom to customize their viewing and streaming experiences across a greater variety of operating systems and devices.

Twitch beefs up presence on iOS


Twitch is by far the most popular platform for video game streaming and is rapidly growing across other genres of streaming as well, so this seems like an obvious step for the company to make. It’s been estimated that around one-third of all Twitch viewers watch the platform’s streams on their mobile phones, and with the popularity of iPhones and iOS devices, the potential benefit of the new subscription option is clear.

This move comes in the middle of a wave of popular gaming titles moving onto mobile platforms. League of Legends developer Riot Games recently announced several new games including Wild Rift, a mobile and console version of Riot’s acclaimed MOBA.

Call of Duty Mobile was recently released and has become a massive hit clear that much of the gaming world has focused its attention on mobile accessibility. This is in the wake of other successful mobile titles like PUBG Mobile.

To celebrate the announcement of the iOS Sub Tokens, Twitch also announced that all through October, customers can by two iOS Sub Tokens for a discounted rate of $8.99.


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