Twitch streamer withawonder accused of grooming viewers in chat

By Olivia Richman


Jun 25, 2021

Reading time: 1 min

A streamer known as withawonder is getting some major attention on Twitch. But it’s not for his streaming prowess. Rather, it’s because he has been accused of grooming underage girls in his chat. 

Before the accusations, withawonder had about 21,000 followers on Twitch. He wasn’t the most popular streamer on the platform but he had an active chat and dedicated following. On June 23, it was revealed that the streamer was acting inappropriately with younger viewers through a series of telling screenshots. 

Twitch groomer

A Reddit post revealed screenshots of withawonder behaving inappropriately with teenage girls that he allegedly sought out. At one point he privately messaged a girl on Twitter, trying to find out whether she was a girl or not. On another occasion, he told a 17-year-old that he “liked” that she was young before sending an explicitly sexual video of himself. 

As the story spread around on Reddit and Twitter, others started revealing some questionable public statements made by withawonder. These included his standing up for “consensual sex with 14-year-olds” if the teenager’s parents were accepting of it. 

withawonder lashes out after being accused of grooming underage viewers

The accusations caused a dramatic reaction from withawonder. The streamer decided to resort the use of racial slurs against people who called him out for grooming. 

“I knew you were fake,” withawonder said on Discord. “I like taking dumb n****** like you and have you people try to get me banned.” 

After blasting out that message, withawonder ultimately had his Discord server banned. As the accusations continued, withawonder deleted his Twitter account as well. For now, his Twitch channel is active. Twitch has yet to take any action or make any statement regarding the accused groomer. 


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