Twitch streamer Macaiyla banned for accidental nudity on stream

Olivia Richman • September 12, 11:00

Twitch streamer Macaiyla was banned from the streaming platform earlier today. 

Macaiyla was originally suspended for three days for an earlier stream where she appeared to be innocently scrolling through her Twitter timeline. Suddenly, a surprise nude image appeared as she was scrolling, catching both her and her viewers off guard. 

“It’s a bit random, but okay. I scrolled and there was a slight tit pic shown. So I guess that’s a three day ban,” she tweeted. 

In a follow up tweet, Macaiyla noted that there was “nothing I could really do.” She also added that she never browses Twitter at random on stream, and it was “extremely random” that this happened the one time she decided to do it. 

In a clip of the incident, Macaiyla can be seen casually scrolling through her timeline when she notices bare shoulders and the top of someone’s breasts. Before it can reveal any more of the woman’s chest, Macaiyla quickly moved her timeline back up. 

The streamer went on to explain that “when things like this happen” the next best thing to do is to delete all clips of the incident. Even when it’s an obvious accident. 

“I tried going back to delete the vod right at that moment and it was just randomly gone, along with the clip. So weird man,” Macaiyla said. “I admit my faults (for the most part) and I agree that I do deserve some type of warning or suspension. However, I think three days is just stupid.”

She went on to say that she wished Twitch would have a “consistent TOS” so she “wouldn’t be so triggered” over the suspension. 

While not intentional, showing the suggested nudity was against Twitch’s community guidelines. Luckily for Macaiyla, Twitch decided to reduce her sentence to just 24 hours. This means Macaiyla should be back up and streaming by tomorrow. It helps that Macaiyla isn’t a repeat offender. 

Tyler1 girlfriend streamer

Most of Macaiyla’s content consists of her playing various games and chatting with her 120,000 followers. She is also known for streaming with her boyfriend, the popular and sometimes controversial League of Legends personality Tyler “Tyler1” Stienkamp. 

Another popular female streamer to be banned this week was Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa. Twenty-four hours after exposing her crotch area on stream, Amouranth was suspended for breaking Twitch’s community guidelines on nudity.


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