Twitch is honoring Black History Month

By Olivia Richman


Feb 4, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

In honor of Black History Month, Twitch will be featuring Black content creators on its homepage throughout February.

Twitch released a schedule of featured streamers including BlackNerdComedy and KangGaming, among others. MsAsheRocks, who was featured February 1, thanked Twitch for the experience and the exposure.

Most of the partnered streamers on the front page have under 10,000 followers, making the increased visibility all the more important to them.  

“I’m excited to see such an amazing and inspiring list of casters who deserve the recognition,” said Twitch Partner HeatherHearts in response to Twitch’s Twitter announcement.  

The Black History Month announcement stated that it’s Twitch’s “diverse voices” that make the community special. Social media users who use the hashtags #TwitchUnity and #BlackHistoryMonth have the chance to be featured on Twitch Weekly.

To further encourage community participation during the month-long celebration, Twitch is inviting people to join Twitch HQ’s Black History Month trivia night on one of the company’s official stream channels.

The streaming platform will also be raising money for Code2040, whose mission is to empower Black and Latinx people in the tech industry through mentoring and training. According to Code2040, Black and Latinx people earn nearly 20% of computer science Bachelor’s degrees, yet they only make up around 5% of the top tech companies’ technical workforce.

Minority acceptance and representation within gaming culture is an ongoing issue. Twitch’s decision is part of a wider effort to better highlight positive minority representation within the gaming and streaming communities.


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