TSM vs Team Liquid LCS Summer match and fantasy analysis

By Christian Vejvad


Jul 14, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

TSM and Team Liquid are about to face off in the 2021 LCS Summer Split, continuing one of the biggest rivalries in North America. 

The two teams have both had decent performances this split and will now look to pair up once again to see who the better team really is. So far this season, TSM is leading with a superior 4-0 record. This puts Liquid under enormous pressure going into the match. Based on recent condition, the two teams are looking to be fairly even. TSM finished its most recent LCS week with a rough loss to 100 Thieves while Liquid took a loss against Golden Guardians. The loss for Liquid was surprising since the team had a three-game winning streak prior to it.  Given the excitement around this matchup, it’s an obvious choice for fantasy play.

Who is the favorite between TSM and Liquid in the LCS?

The overall favorite between the two teams has to be TSM this time around. With a head-to-head record of 4-0 in 2021, it seems that TSM has finally cracked the code on how to beat Liquid. TSM is also ahead in the standings with an overall season record of 24-12. 

A couple of games behind is Liquid with a record of 22-14. Liquid entered the LCS summer split at the top of the standings but hasn’t been able to best teams like TSM, 100 Thieves, and Evil Geniuses. With a 10-8 record this split, Liquid is currently one of the worst-performing top teams alongside Cloud9. 

Because of the inconsistencies at Liquid and the fact that top laner Barney “Alphari” Morris might not be in the same shape as last split, TSM will have an edge on an individual and team level. TSM has proven to be better coordinated in team fights and can beat out any squad if things go right in champion selection. 

Will TSM or Team Liquid draw first blood? 

As is often the case, the two junglers are the ones to watch in deciding where first blood goes. TSM and Liquid both have capable junglers. So far this split, TSM jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu has the edge over Liquid jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen. 

The most notable differences are Spica’s KDA ratio and overall kill total. The young jungler has been on fire and isn’t afraid of picking up the kills to carry his team. With 60 total kills this split against Santorin’s 31, there’s no doubt that Spica will be the one looking for blood in this game. Santorin will likely be looking to support his lanes in other ways, such as creating vision and pressure for them to establish leads. 

When it comes to the first blood specifically, Spica is also outperforming Santorin. Spica currently has a first blood percentage of 50% while Santorin only participated in the first blood in 44% of his games this split. As a team, TSM has gotten first blood in 61% of its 18 games this split. Liquid falls short in this statistic, with only getting first blood in 39% of all matches. This gives a clear edge to TSM.


Which players will have the most kills between TSM and Liquid?

In Clout Fantasy, it’s all about predicting which player will get the most kills in certain matchups. For this match against TSM and Liquid, it might be two teams that will play a bit more reserved against each other, so every kill will matter even more. 

To pick the players that will get the most kills in the match, it’s important to look at the primary carries of the two teams. So far, TSM has put the most kills onto jungler Spica and bot laner Lawrence “Lost” Hui. Unlike many other teams, Spica is actually the one with the most total kills on TSM this split while playing from his jungle position. Lost is right behind with 55 total kills so far. 

On Liquid, the kills are distributed way less evenly at the top. Bot laner Edward “Tactical” Ra is the one with the most kills by far. In fact, he is the player with the most kills out of anyone in the league with 84 kills across 18 games. This makes the math pretty simple, as Tactical should be picked in any kill matchup. Liquid mid laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen is also doing well in kills with a total of 59 so far, but even he can’t compare to Tactical.

The match between TSM and Team Liquid will take place on Sunday, July 18. 


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