TSM adds Tactical to replace Lost for 2022 LCS season

By Nicholas James


Nov 20, 2021

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This year’s offseason has been a wild ride for fans, and it isn’t over yet as TSM has announced some big moves of its own.

With the departure of Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, North American esports titan TSM FTX’s future looked unstable. However, the multi-time LCS champion has announced its latest acquisition for 2022. TSM FTX has acquired Edward “Tactical” Ra from Team Liquid in order to shore up its roster for the 2022 LCS season.

Fans who are only familiar with Tactical from his time in the LCS may not be aware that this isn’t his first time playing under the TSM banner. Tactical previously played for TSM’s Academy team alongside Mingyi “Spica” Lu. The two found success then and are hoping to run it back on the big stage now that they’ve both made the jump to the LCS.

Tactical will be replacing TSM’s previous AD carry Lawrence “Lost” Sze Yuy Hui. TSM is clearly looking to make a massive rebuilding effort for its League of Legends team after its franchise player departed during the offseason in order to join Team Liquid.

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Why did Tactical join TSM?

Tactical’s departure from Team Liquid follows a sudden TSM spending spree that is rooted in rebuilding after star top laner, Barney “Alphari” Morris, returned to the LEC.

Team Liquid is rumored to be acquiring top-tier talents for every position, from Bjergsen to Steven “Hans Sama” Liv. With the removal of Alphari, Team Liquid had a new open import slot to fill and look positioned to add Hans Sama in order to bring up its roster’s star power.

Tactical’s debut on Team Liquid impressed many, especially after he was brought in to fill the shoes of North American all-star Peng “Doublelift’ Yilang. Fans who are excited to see Tactical with this new roster can look forwards to the launch of the 2022 spring split on January 14.


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