Try this genius trick makes Battle Sage viable on Pearl

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Sage is not just a healer. With this trick, she can be a key part of winning rounds on Pearl. 

In fast-paced Valorant games, Sage is often burdened with the task of healing teammates. Her assists may look attractive, but the agent often fails to add kills to the board. That’s not entirely a bad thing. Sage’s support is crucial until the end of the round, so it’s best for her to stay in the backline. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t be a force on offense. 

This new Sage trick on Pearl sets her up to add crucial kills to her scoreboard. For this, she only needs her Barrier Orb saved until the end of the round to keep defenders away from the Spike. 

tactifriends on Pearl

How to protect the Spike with Sage on Pearl

Sage is giving the post-plant meta in Valorant a new look with this trick on Pearl. With her wall, the agent can hold a cheeky angle that provides a clear view of the Spike. 

This trick was discovered on the first day of the map’s release, but players had assumed it to be a glitch. Its existence weeks after the release confirms that it’s an intentional map feature. This Sage trick on Pearl will protect the Spike till it blows. 

For this trick, the Sage player has to plant a wall all the way back towards mid in a spot where the Spike on B remains visible. Then, her wall comes into play. The agent has to hop on top of the barrier so that she can see the Spike planted under the tower’s left side. It’s a foolproof trick that works every single time, but it’s not recommended to try it when Sage is the only one alive.

This Sage trick on Pearl works best when there’s at least one teammate alive to plant the Spike. The walk from the site towards the back mid can take a long time, so it’s best to have someone else activate the bomb. Another catch is the timing of her Barrier Orb. Planting it right in the beginning will render it useless as the wall may break down. Lay down the barrier when the Spike is about to explode. 

Using this trick, Sage can bag at least a few kills to her name while being completely safe. Pearl will surely help pocket Sage players return to the battle.