ZywOo terrain molotov

Try this devious molotov from ZywOo to win on Vertigo

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 3, 2022

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Team Vitality’a star AWPer Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut’s magic molotov has dropped many jaws, leading players to even question the legality of the lineup.

Vertigo isn’t precisely the most popular CSGO map but it’s highly competitive. Professional players often pick this location for its advanced design that almost always delivers exciting matches. Vertigo’s low play rate in official matchmaking has led to bland games with poor utility use. In a recent match of ESL Pro League, ZywOo showed that Vertigo is anything but boring. 

The pro player used an interesting molotov that has split the community in two. It’s so good that players refuse to believe that it’s good to use in pro games. 

ZywOo’s terrain molotov is too OP

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During the ESL Pro League game against Team Liquid, Team Vitality’s top gun ZywOo paused an incoming rush with a terrain molotov. The fire slipped through the roof, burning the ground on top. This interesting interaction put the incendiary in a grey area, but it turns out it’s completely legit. 

According to ESL’s Rio 2022 rule book, the type of incendiary used by ZywOo are “explicitly” allowed. While the organizer does recognize terrain molotovs as a bug, it has permitted their usage during pro games.

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However, some players are still mad since this incendiary messes with the physics of CSGO and is insanely powerful. 

The lineup begins from under elevator. First, stick your player model against the bridge’s railing and equip the molotov. Place crosshair on the ceiling, as shown in the video. Release the molotov to burn off the enemy standing right on top of your position on the elevator.

Voila! Players rushing in from the elevator would be completely blocked by the fire. They must invest a pricey $300 smoke grenade to defuse the sudden fire and to continue their march. However, the late reaction may cost them health damage and even their life. For all these reasons, this incendiary falls into dangerous territory. Still, it’s not legally banned in ESL Po League. 


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