s1mple says utility changes will bring new trolls to CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Offensive: Global Offensive’s new update has taken the “support” role to a whole new level, and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has a few hilarious tips for all players.

Operation Riptide brought significant nerfs, buffs, and map changes. Even without the operation and and skins it would’ve been a big update, but the ability to drop grenades has given birth to a unique “utility specialist” role, which is much different from the traditional support position.

The recent CSGO update allows players to pass utility around like any other weapon. Previously, players had to buy their own smokes, flashes, and molotovs and could only drop one grenade after they died. This change will redefine how the economy functions on both the CT and T sides.

Support players are crucial to winning a game of CSGO, but this new update introduces a role that will make teamwork more important than ever. Teams can now contribute money to buy utility for a lineup expert to boost overall performance. s1mple discussed how this might play out in extreme situations.

s1mple expecting cheese strats to come to CSGO

“It’s actually very funny,” s1mple said on the update that allows dropping grenades. “Like if you don’t know smokes, you can give it to your teammates, or maybe in some rounds you give him flashes. Or you just leave ten flashes around him in B apartments on Mirage, and then you do one smoke window kitchen from B, and second from T spawn on B, and then he just throws all flashes.”

While it may sound hilarious, it is completely doable in ranked games. Teammates with a healthy bank can drop two flashes each for the “utility specialist” and swiftly take control of bombsite B. Paired with a crucial window and short smoke, this setup will destroy all counter-strategies of the CT side. This type of gameplay might rarely appear in pro games, but lower ranks will likely become more chaotic with the new update.

On a higher level, players can benefit from a dedicated “smoker” player who memorizes all lineups and setups. The rest of the teammates can focus more on protecting the player with the loaded kit and executing entry pushes. However, the “utility specialist” on the lower rank will look much like the picture s1mple painted on his live stream.

Fortunately, maps like Mirage have tons of anti-flash angles CTs can hold. To win rounds on defense, it’s recommended to stay behind cover in the first few seconds of the game when a rush is most expected. CTs can also load two agents with ample molotovs as a counter to flash-packed enemies.