Trainwreck calls Pokimane, Mizkif, HasanAbi, Ludwig “hypocrites”

By Olivia Richman


May 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Twitch gambling drama is somehow continuing despite its ban from the platform last year. This time around, Kick streamer Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam is calling top creators “hypocrites” for how they handled the gambling issue.

Twitch came under fire in the fall of 2022 when big names in the streaming world, like Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, and Ludwig Ahgren stated that they would boycott during the holiday season if the platform didn’t deal with the ongoing gambling problem. Gambling was a very controversial topic at the time since many streamers were being accused of scamming and negatively influencing fans with sponsored gambling broadcasts.

In response, Twitch prohibited a large amount of gambling-related activities, including banning the streaming of gambling sites that aren’t licensed in the US. One of those sites was Stake, which sponsored Trainwreck and other big names. So when the ban news broke, Train was quite frustrated and even accused Twitch of being “corrupt.”

Soon after, Trainwreck announced that he was part of a new streaming platform called Kick. This one, he said, would have less strict regulations and a lot more financial incentives for streamers, including a 95/5 subscription split. Despite allegedly enjoying his new streaming home, Trainwreck has continued to call out Twitch, like when he recently stated that gambling streams were still all over the place.

Trainwreck calls out Pokimane, Mizkif, HasanAbi

Trainwreck recently discussed sports betting and gambling on his stream, which triggered him to talk about the “bulls—” over on Twitch. Someone on his broadcast noted that he saw people on Twitch still advertising gambling sites on stream despite the ban.

“I’m telling you, bro. All those streamers — all of them, whether it’s Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki — all hypocrites, all of them. That was never about anything. It was petty bulls— about view count and money. That’s all it was,” Trainwreck responded.

Trainwrecks accusation

On Twitter, the response to Trainwreck’s recent rant about Twitch and its top streamers has been mixed. Some have said the old “well, he’s not wrong” response while others questioned why Trainwreck was still going on about what happened so many months later.

This was also a sentiment shared on his stream, with some fans telling him that he was letting the streamers live “rent free” in his brain. In response, Trainwreck called the fan a “p—boy,” arguing that he was actually living rent free in their minds for years.

Then Trainwreck checked to see if any of his followers were also subscribed to Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Pokimane, or HasanAbi. Anyone who was would be “eliminated,” he threatened, timing them out for a short duration.