Toxic Valorant players will now get insta-mute penalty

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is no longer letting the trolls get off the hook so easily. With new real-time text evaluation, players must think twice before chatting. 

Valorant has a serious toxicity problem, which persists despite Riot’s efforts. But that hasn’t stopped the developer from taking serious measures to nip it in the bud. Now, Riot is tackling toxic players in real-time thanks to a new tech. Taking to social media, Riot has announced that all text messages in Valorant would be evaluated in real-time, distributing fair punishments to the culprits. The new system would likely tone down the toxicity in Valorant. 

“Today, Valorant will begin a global rollout of our Real-Time Text Evaluation and intervention system. Up until recently, the system which mutes players in voice and text chat who send disruptive text messages in the game was tested in NA regions only,” Riot said.

Valorant’s new real-time approach with trolls is promising 

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The new real-time text evaluation system will detect toxic messages and universal cuss words and immediately roll out punishment. Players may find themselves being muted and restricted from chatting while they are already in the game. This would be an instant penalty for a shady chat message. This new system would encourage healthy communication, giving everyone the confidence to share intel without the fear of being verbally abused. 

While this new system sounds promising, some fear it’s too strict. Players in NA claim that they have been muted for using words like “who’re” and “rap.” These players are afraid that a real-time evaluation with no contextual awareness will instead sabotage the game by muting the players who are just trying to communicate. 

However, this is something Riot would likely work on as the system gathers universal data. In any case, it’d force players to be more aware of what they type and be careful with their language in Valorant.