Town of Salem 2 player count reaches all-time high for franchise

By Kenneth Williams


May 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Town of Salem 2 is a breath of fresh air for detective gamers, but its player count may not impress everyone else.

Town of Salem has always dominated in a very specific niche. While games like Among Us can make players feel smart, Salem takes the spy role playing game to the next level with an extremely complex role system and in-depth communication tools.

The game is intimidating to start out in, but mastery of its systems can make anyone feel like a genius. The game demands a specific type of player, leading to lower player counts than more generally-appealing releases. Still, the series is enjoying an all-time high player count with the early access release of Town of Salem 2. 

Town of Salem 2 player count peaks at over 3,500

As of writing, Town of Salem 2 has a peaked player count of 3,755.

That number was achieved right at the game’s launch on May 26, 2023. That number also comes from SteamDB, which does not provide official stats, but is generally accepted as a reputable source for PC player counts.

Town of Salem 2 is only available on PC and Mac through Steam, so there are no other platforms to consider. However, the original Town of Salem was eventually released for mobile devices. If that continues for the sequel, the actual all-time player count could grow exponentially higher. 

Town of Salem 2 player count

In fact, this number only reflects the number of players present for the first day of the early access release. The PC numbers could grow higher when the game officially releases, though developer BlankMediaGames has yet to give a set date for that occasion.

Just under 4,000 players doesn’t sound too impressive compared to most modern releases, but Town of Salem 2 is a niche indie title that received very little marketing up to its release. Ratings for the game are quite strong, with 78.33% thumbs up, and many of the technical problems cited in negative reviews will likely be fixed during the early access period.

Even if the player count has truly peaked, it’s still more popular than the original Town of Salem, which reached a lifetime high of 3,6877 players.


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