Top 5 secret boost spots on Overpass that are fair to use

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

CSGO map Overpass is as old as the game itself, but players continue to find new boost spots to spice up the two-story locale in 2022. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is crammed with bugs that only dedicated, old players are aware of. Valve has fixed many in 2022, but the easter eggs and glitches are never-ending. However, not all these hidden tricks are bugs. Some are completely legal but appear a bit dodgy. Simply put, they are too good to be fair. However, we assure you that some glitchy-looking spots on Overpass are legal and can help you win matches.

Here are our top 5 secret boost spots on Overpass that seem like bugs. 

Ridiculous 5-stack boost spot on Overpass

This viable but practically questionable boost requires the help of the entire team. Falcons Esports was spotted executing this Overpass trick for AWPers that provides a view of B site’s water crossing. With the help of the other five, the final piece can equip an AWP and shoot down players crossing from barrel to water. 

Blog post image

Overpass hoax-pixel boost 

This window boost spot on Overpass is the archetype of tricks that look like CSGO’s cursed pixel-walking exploit. But, ESEA has confirmed that it’s totally legal to use. A ledge on Overpass A shorts’ window lets players boost themselves on top, getting a clear view of the A site. It requires the help of a teammate to jump on top of the high angle. The entire Overpass A site becomes exposed for precise utility usage, damage, and even a kill if you’re a good shot.

Overpass boost window

Sneaky boost for map control 

Connector is one of the pivotal areas on Overpass, and this boost helps take control of the entire map in hiding. With the help of only one teammate, Ts and CTs can both cut-out rotations in the middle area. Darkness in the stairs also helps in making this a viable boost. 

Old, but gold 

This is an old Overpass boost, but new players are still unaware that connector doors can be used as a ledge to hold an angle. This boost offers a clear line of sight toward toxic barrels, doors of the walkway, and graffiti. It’s a bit unsafe to replicate it out in the open, which is why this is the fourth most viable boost spot on Overpass. 

Overpass boost door

Overpass boost to counter a molotov 

Casual players would never execute a crafty boost to cancel out a molotov, but high-stake games call for such tricks. This boost was used by Triumph to counter an early T-side molotov on the map. The AWPer actually shot the enemy jumping in the air, trying to toss the incendiary. You won’t match up against many CTs who’d use this molotov, but it’s better to be prepared! 


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