Tips and tricks for beating CSGO’s first Broken Fang missions

By Nick Johnson


Dec 10, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Broken Fang operation has almost 34 stars for players to earn over its first two weeks’ worth of missions.

Even though players have two big lists of missions to complete, Broken Fang has only been out for just over a week. Its first mission card, Start Your Engines, came out just a week ago, followed quickly by Week 2’s Moon Shot. While some of the operation’s missions are simple to understand, others others can get furstrating for new and old players alike unless they know a few tricks involving CSGO’s most underrated grenade and the best weapon ever made, especially in the Guardian Missions.

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The best tips and tricks for CSGO’s Broken Fang mission cards

Broken Fang has 81 stars available to players on its first mission card. Broken Fang will run until April, but Valve didn’t let their foot off the gas for the operation’s first missions. Premium Unleaded and Manual Transmission asks players to win 20 rounds in competitive Engage, one of the operation’s featured maps. The design is amazing, with all of the CSGO action taking place inside a car manufacturing plant where car frames and show models litter the play space. Players should be careful here and maybe take the map for a spin either offline or with some friends to make sure they know all of the map’s tight corners. 

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It’s a fun map to play, especially in Broken Fang’s new Premier mode. Unleaded introduces the mode that comes complete with an entirely new option for CSGO in team pick and bans. Luckily, Enage can be completed in regular competitive mode without Premier’s map veto system, meaning that players can queue for until they’re done with their 20 rounds. Completing both of these missions will award players 40 stars to spend in Broken Fang’s Shop. 

Warming Up and Ice & Snow showcase Fang’s new maps

Ice & Snow, Take it Slow, and Warming Up are easy stars for users to add to their totals. All Warming Up needs is for players to take to another of BF’s maps, Ancient, and rack up 25 kills with any combination of the M4A4, M4A1-S, or Ak-47. Ice & Snow takes players into CSGO’s Battle Royale mode to grab six kills and six more stars. Next up is the introduction to another of CSGO’s new modes, as Clutch Control brings the community retake mod to CSGO, and ten round wins in the server means another ten stars in players’ pockets.

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Operation Autumn Harvest wraps off CSGO’s opening weeks

The highlights of every CSGO Operation are the Guardian modes and the cooperative strikes. Week one’s guardian mission takes place on Engage, where bots will try and overtake a player and their partner. Much like last year’s Shattered Web, bots now throw molotovs, smokes, and flashes. The mission gets even tougher thanks to the high-ground advantage the bots have. While players will have the opportunity to buy weapons and armor as usual, they should also consider picking up the game’s infamous decoy grenade.

Since Shattered Web, bots are much smarter than before. They listen for and remember sounds, which makes the decoy grenade the perfect tool to use their own computer brains against them. A smoke for cover and a decoy for the bot’s execute should be all players need to finish up Broken Fang’s first guardian mission.

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To cap off week one, Broken Fang brings back CSGO’s cooperative strikes, this time sending players on a mission to invade a forest facility under the control of Phoenix. Called Autumn Harvest, the mission is a solid introduction to teamwork, requiring two players who don’t mind watching each other’s backs. Luckily, players can advertise for it, so it won’t take players long to get a match if there are no friends around to pair up with at the time. The mission is a good time, and it’s easy enough that players shouldn’t have too much trouble. For a small hint, remember to follow the pipes.

For an extra challange, players can even turn on a hard-mode version of the Strike

Moon Shot doubles down on pistols

Even though barely four days had passed since Broken Fang went live, Valve pushed out CSGO’s second set of missions on Tuesday. Players should expect new missions every Tuesday from now on, following the format of previous operations. Sticking with the cooperative theme, week two’s guardian mission asks players to get a single kill with every pistol in the game. That normally wouldn’t be a problem, but players will have to acquire a Five-Seven and USP from their CT enemies while defending a hostage from their rescue attempts.

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Things get even trickier when CT heavies start to show up around the same time that CT bots start dropping the much-needed final weapons. Players can buy in this mode, so here’s the trick: The Negev absolutely destroys CT heavy enemies, locking them into stuns with every bullet so that they never become a threat. Since the CT bots will always attack with pistols, don’t be afraid to mow a few down with the Negev to avoid having to start all the way over. Negev the heavy, take the last several pistol kills, and move on to week two’s easier challenges.

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The Right Stuff sends players back to the Premier queue, where they’ll have to earn nine MVP medals in order to get their stars. The tactics here are simple, either frag out or make sure you’re the one planting or defusing the bomb. Successful detonations from planted bombs and defuals awards automatic MVPs. This week, no one should be leaving the bomb in spawn.

Week two also introduces players to Fang’s other new map, cs_apollo. This hostage rescue map can get hectic, but Office veterans shouldn’t have a hard time here. Win 20 rounds on Apollo and that only leaves players with the two easiest missions left to complete. Low Earth Orbit asks players to get kills in the Retake mode with pistols. This mission can get a little annoying only because players can’t choose to have a pistol in the mode’s premade loadouts. In retake, the first three rounds are pistol rounds. Week two asks for 15 pistol kills, so some pistol practice may be in order.

Finally, The Deagle has Landed sends players into another set of hostage maps with the objective of getting 18 Desert Eagle kills. Aim for the head or use it like a shotgun at close range.


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