TI10 Collector’s Cache competition is full of cheating artists

Steven Rondina • June 16, 20:15

The Collector’s Cache voting for The International 10 Battle Pass has wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean it’s without controversy.

Drama was stirred up by Dota 2 cosmetic creator Adrian “Godzy” Solomon on Twitter over some of the other artists that made submissions for the TI10 Collector’s Cache voting. Godzy, who has created a number of Dota 2 cosmetics that were officially added to the game, discovered that some individuals had ignored rules regarding the number of polygons available for specific cosmetics parts.

This was then additionally confirmed by a number of other fans and artists, with the subject sparking an explosion of controversy over what should have been a fun moment for Dota 2 players.

Unlike many other games, Dota 2 affords players a great deal of room for customizing their characters. Players can take a hero like Omniknight and have him wear a helmet from one set, a breastplate from another, pauldrons from yet another set, and so on.

Each individual item for each hero carries a specific limit in terms of how many polygons can be used. If characters have too many polygons in their model, it can have an adverse effect on weaker powerful computers.

This can escalate quickly to the point of being a problem if all 10 heroes on the map at a time have overly elaborate models, or if the polygon count is exceeded on controlled units that are summoned en masse.

Godzy identified and documented dozens of instances of the polygon count rule being broken, with a few specific cosmetics having more than triple the allowed number of polygons. Making matters even more complicated were implications by Godzy that Valve was giving former contractors for the company preferential treatment on this front, allowing them to have an unfair advantage relative to other artists. 

While the allegations of preferential treatment may or may not be true, this is still a serious headache for Valve. 

Because keeping the game technologically accessible is a serious concern of Valve’s, it would be well served in guaranteeing that all cosmetics submitted for the TI10 Battle Pass Collector’s Cache fall within the proper technical parameters. That said, it also needs to ensure that the cosmetics included in the treasure are both of high quality and popular enough to lure fans into putting down cash to purchase them.

Valve has stated it is looking into the matter.


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