TI10 Battle Pass release date finally announced by Valve

By Steven Rondina


May 24, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Update: The International 10 Battle Pass has officially launched. Find out all the details here.

Fans finally have an exact date for the long-awaited The International 10 Battle Pass.

Valve put out a post on the official Dota 2 Twitter account that simply said “Tomorrow.” While this would normally be a mystery, a piece of media embedded includes a stylized Aegis of the Immortals, the trophy awarded at the end of The International and the symbol for the battle pass.

This means that the TI10 battle pass’ release date is May 25. No specific time was given but many Dota 2 updates launch in the evening, with 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PT in the United states being a regular favorite of Valve.  

This follows a mysterious post on Reddit by a Valve developer that stated that the battle pass would arrive “early next week.”

The International 2020 Battle Pass "coming early next week" says Valve

No details were given on what will be included with the TI10 Battle Pass. The centerpieces of the pass over recent years have been a compendium for The International, various prizes for other Dota Pro Circuit events that occur during its run, and challenges that task players with winning games as a variety of heroes and fulfilling other conditions.

These reward players with limited edition skins, with The International 2019 Battle Pass pushing things a step further with two elaborate Immortal skins for Axe and Tiny, an Arcana for Earthshaker, and a “Hero Persona” for Invoker that reimagines the character as a child. 

A portion of the revenue generated by the battle pass each year goes into the prize pool of The International, with TI9 boasting an absurd $34,330,068.

While past years of The International have included various themes such as underwater, deserts, and jungles, TI10 will have no such theme. The aegis shown on the video post follows that motif, without any sort of elemental trappings to speak of. This has resulted in a very diverse set of cosmetics being submitted for consideration as battle pass rewards.

Adding to the mystery surrounding The TI10 Battle Pass is the fact that there is no real information regarding The International at this time. The event was previously scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden in August but Valve scrapped those plans and delayed The International indefinitely. No date for the event has been announced, but Valve suggested it would likely come at some point in 2021.

No price for the TI10 Battle Pass was announced but past years have seen the battle pass released for $10 with additional levels being available for sale. There will likely also be a bundle for the TI10 Battle Pass that offers a one-time purchase of extra levels for a modest discount.