Deadlock Valorant

This wild Deadlock bug causes Spike to disappear 

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 31, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Deadlock is deadly, but the icy agent is now doing the impossible, dealing 900,000 damage in a wild bug.

The latest addition to the Valorant protocol is equipped with blood-curdling abilities. However, she’s now pulling insane tricks by crook. A new bug is letting her cause mayhem in the server by delivering insta-death with astronomically high damage using her ult, Annihilation.

Popular streamer and Valorant personality AverageJonas shared this rare bug with his followers that happened on a live stream. On map Haven, the streamer was rotating towards C-site when the glitch got triggered, leaving everyone shocked.

New Deadlock bug is the scariest one so far

Deadlock’s ultimate is programmed to rope in enemies, who travel a short path on nanowire before meeting their fate. During this time, players can save their teammates. However, deviating from the typical program, Deadlock deals insta-death against Omen.

According to AverageJonas, he activated his Annihilation right when Omen tried teleporting with Spike, using his ultimate. The two powers collided, leading to Omen’s instant death. But that’s not all. The accident caused the Spike to disappear, proving just how powerful the bug was.

AverageJonas claims to have rendered 900,000 damage against the Omen who died, which is likely the greatest damage anyone has ever seen in Valorant. This was also reflected in his ECON rating, a stat that tallies the total damage dealt in a game. In Jonas’ case, he sat on a five-figure ECON, while the rest of his team had a rating under 99. He also had an insanely high combat score as a result of this bug.

While it’s a deadly bug, players don’t have much to worry about. It’s unreplicable due to the accurate timing required to execute this bug. Even when timed correctly, the bug doesn’t get triggered every single time an enemy is in ultimate.

However, Riot might still patch it first thing.