Viper setup on Breeze

This Viper setup on Breeze guarantees easy rounds on defense

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 16, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s largest map Breeze isn’t easy to tackle, but it’s a cakewalk for the poisonous controller Viper. 

The addition of Breeze to the Valorant map pool had sent players into a frenzy, with most used to playing in enclosed locations with choke points. But Viper mains breezed through the new experience with extended walls and damaging smokes. 

The poison handler Viper’s setups and lineups are tricky to break through, making her a viable pick on Breeze. She can single-handedly lock down an area, allowing her teammates to scout the large map freely. Placed in one-way, her toxic orbs become a menace for the enemies. 

This new Viper setup on Breeze’s A site proves just how deadly she can be. 

How to do Viper setup on Breeze A site 

This Viper setup on Breeze includes her large globe of smoke and her extended poison wall. Using these two abilities, agent two can seal the entire site all by herself. A little support from double doors can help the team land extra kills on the board. Here’s how to pull off the A site setup. 

Move towards the left side of A entrance, close enough to buy time barrier. Place your crosshair on this part of the wall. Lay down the screen to restrict enemies from setting a foot inside A.

This particular lineup is ideal as it keeps them from camping in the cubby, which can be dangerous for A site defenders. 

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Poison Cloud for this setup works in one-way. The smoke creates a line of sight that provides a clear look at the enemy’s lower body through the double door. At the same time, the attackers won’t know you’re right behind the smoke. Here’s how to do it. 

Attach yourself to the left side of the double door entry and place your crosshair in the middle of the bar. Release the orb device to create the perfect one-way angle. Activate both the wall and smoke to shoot down vulnerable enemies trying to walk through your trap. 

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This setup warrants a complete lockdown of the Breeze A site. With the assistance of a flasher agent, your team might be able to bag most rounds on the A site of Breeze map.