This Sova shock bolt lineup can get as many as five kills on Bind

Fariha Bhatti • March 25, 2021 1:55 pm

It’s not just duelists that can ruin your scoreboard. Sova’s lineup on Bind confirms that initiators can be death-dealing. 

In Valorant, abilities decide how your scoreboard looks. For example, Jett and Raze can efficiently utilize their ultimates and abilities to bag bonus kills even in eco rounds. Duelists flying across the map, shutting down enemies, and pocketing aces is ordinary in Valorant. However, it’s not every day you see a Sova player rain kills using his arrow. Turns out, it’s very much possible if you know how to put Sova’s kit to proper use. His shock bolts deal in plenty of damage to finish off the enemies. 

Reddit user Snapiex has discovered a crucial shock bolt lineup that earned him five kills in a Valorant game. Here’s how you can replicate it in the game. 

Walk into the corner of the container and aim up at the building. Align your shock bolt ability icon with the ledge and load up the two charges. Shoot the arrow and instantly prepare for the second lineup. 

Standing at the same spot, join the line parting mouse icons with the orange part of the metal, as shown in the image.

Load up two charges and release the arrow. Both the bolts will fall outside Hookah, heavily damaging and eliminating the attackers. 

The two arrows will simultaneously drop on enemies pushing in Hookah. The bolts acquire enough space to stun huddled up enemies outside the tight Hookah entryway. While you may not always get an ace with the lineup, it can definitely contribute to the killboard. 

You may utilize it after your teammate playing B window hears the footsteps and calls out for action. If you’re solo queuing, you can always use your Recon Bolt to gather intel from the window. This lineup for Bind hookah will reveal enemies outside of B window. The dark travels from the defender’s spawn and sticks to the wall outside B, scanning everyone near the teleporter. 

By pairing up these two lineups, you can easily add kills to your individual scoreboard and help teammates by keeping enemies at bay. 

Can Sova’s arrow destroy Killjoy ultimate? 

Sova is perfectly capable of destroying Killjoy’s Lockdown with his shock bolts. You’ll need two arrows to land on top of Killjoy’s ultimate to eliminate it from a distance. However, mastering all lineups for predictable Lockdown spots can be a bit tricky and time-consuming. 


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