This Sova arrow lineup wipes out enemies on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 3, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Sova does wonders on every map, but he’s particularly deadly on Ascent. 

If you’re opening bomb point B on Ascent, you’ll likely need a controller on your team. The B site entrance is exposed from Defender’s lobby and market angles that can be blocked by smokes. However, the stair is a common angle for enemies to scout B site from. This is one of the trickiest areas to clear for attackers due to the awkward slope, which makes instant-aiming a tall order. Killjoy’s nano swarm can clear out stairs, but if you’re a Sova main, you can effectively replace the genius of Germany. 

Sova is equipped with two arrows that can quickly eliminate a healthy enemy. Shooting them simultaneously with two bolts will give them no time to dodge the arrows. Unlike Killjoy’s Nano Swarm, Sova’s arrow will guarantee an instant kill and a safe detour to bomb point B. 

To clear out stairs, stand outside the B-lobby behind the hut and use your utility hud as a guide. Align the health section with the metal, as shown in the image. Without loading any bounces, fully charge the bar and shoot the arrow. 

Blog post image

Prepare your following lineup right after shooting the first. For the second arrow, place your crosshair in the middle of two large clouds in a way that your second charge bar is aligned with the rod. 

Blog post image

Activate one bounce, half-charge the bar and release the arrow. This bolt will complete the killing process, evacuating stairs for your teammates. Pair these arrows with Brimstone’s smokes, and you have your perfect B site execute that will warrant site take every single time. 

Sova’s B site catastrophe doesn’t end here. The Initiator is valuable of Ascent’s bomb point B as he’s not only capable of opening a site with his arrows, but his post-plant lineups make him deadly for defenders. 

How to dodge Sova’s Ult? 

Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, is brutal and tough to dodge. Mostly, Sova players pair their ultimate with scan arrow to land some almost guaranteed damage. While it’s nearly impossible to stay safe from his deadly arrows, a few precautions may help you escape Sova’s wrath. 

As soon as you spot the red laser, switch to your knife to speed up movement and jump out the range. Next, move back into your initial position where Sova shot his first shot since it’s unlikely that enemy Sova would hit the second laser at the same angle. This should allow you to survive Sova’s ultimate with at least a bit of health. 


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