This saucy Mirage lineup lets you smoke out connector from top mid

Kenneth Williams • September 28, 2022 7:21 pm

Connector is usually a bloodbath on Mirage, but one simple smoke from top mid can solve the problem before it starts.

Mirage mid feels like home to most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, but there’s always new tricks to discover. A new smoke lineup showcased on Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo’s stream allows players to smoke out connector from top mid.

It’s relatively easy to smoke out connector before taking Mirage A site, but this lineup starts in top mid. Get behind the boxes to stay safe from enemy AWPers and pull out the smoke. Then, aim straight down and align your crosshair with the smaller hole in the border between the stones and sand. Facing sniper’s nest, it’s just to the right of the cart. 

Once you find the right spot, aim towards the corner of the boxes sticking up next to the cart. Activate your standard jump throw bind and wait just a moment for the smoke to bloom. When it does, it will cut off the entire view of mid and catwalk from A site.

Keep in mind that you will be briefly visible from sniper’s nest when you throw this smoke, so be wary of any AWPers still lingering in sniper’s nest. This smoke works best when the CT position has already been smoked. 

Why do players always smoke connector on Mirage?

Connector is one of the most popular places to hold in CSGO. It’s difficult to smoke off and has fast retreats to both mid and A site. As a result, many CSGO players prefer to smoke the area off and deal with it later in the round.

The reason this particular smoke is so useful is that it cuts off A site rotation to mid from the position where teams are most likely to take B. Smoking off connector prevents CTs on A from taking pot shots at Ts on catwalk, making a B take way easier. In addition, a Mirage connector smoke can force CTs to travel all the way through their spawn to get to B. 


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