new wall bang on Haven

This new wallbang on Haven is too OP for Odin users

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Players are already on a fence about Valorant’s triple-site map, and this new wallbang on Haven makes it even more controversial. 

Some of the wackiest Valorant glitches were first detected in Valorant’s triple-locale Haven. From Skye’s magic flashes to Viper’s running wall, the map is known for its bug factor. This new discovery isn’t exactly a glitch, but it doesn’t help fix Haven’s reputation. 

An overpowered wallbang has been discovered on Haven that will make it impossible to tackle Odin users. 

The exact spot that allowed Skye’s bird to fly through a hole is now being used to transfer bullets. Players can take down enemies at a highly trafficked location using an Odin. The right-corner inside A is one of the most common off-angles for defenders to hold, but this new wall bang will make it impossible to camp there. It’s a deadly lineup that warrants an easy kill. 

There’s one catch to it. Sage is required to execute this glitch with her Barrier Orb. By getting on top of the wall, Odin players can spam through the corner to take down hiding enemies. This will also likely work with the Vandal since it deals big damage at close range. Using this exploit, players will have one less angle to clear on the A site. 

This isn’t a game-breaking glitch, but it dramatically impacts how teams can approach the map. The Odin is already criticized for its high damage rate and spam potential. Its viability increases tenfold when paired with Valorant’s paper walls. This new exploit on Haven only adds to the long list of unfair wallbangs, and players aren’t happy about it. 

The developer might roll out a hotfix as it did for Skye’s magic bird. If that’s the case, it will come with the upcoming Episode starting on January 11.

Why is Odin bad in Valorant? 

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Odin may seem overpowered and viable from the surface, but it’s one of the worst weapons to use in high-ELO games. Its large magazine and high-bullet penetration become useless when a player model isn’t stationary. 

Odin’s recoil is unwieldy, making it inaccurate in long-range battles. Forget using it in high-ranked lobbies where counter-strafing is necessary to dodge the enemy’s bullets. However, it’s a viable pick to camp behind a paper wall and shoot from safety. The shots on ADS are accurate and can deal heavy damage through objects.