CSGO Hearing Protection

This new software can protect your hearing when playing CSGO

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 1, 2022

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Are you sensitive to harsh sounds or just hate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s high-pitched flashbangs? This new software can help deal with annoying sounds in CSGO.

Flashbangs are extremely useful in ambushing clueless enemies, but they’re not as fun for everyone. Most recently, Team GamerLegion’s rifler Patrik “Zero” Žúdel revealed that the tone emitted by CSGO’s flashbangs is similar to the noise experienced by those who suffer from tinnitus. This frequency doesn’t necessarily cause ear damage or tinnitus, but it sure can trigger a feeling of discomfort in sensitive players.

The pro player had requested the developer introduce a frequency adjuster, but he’s now taken matters into his own hands. PatrikZero’s CSGO Hearing Protection will allow players to tweak noise settings, ensuring a safer gaming experience.

Can CSGO damage your hearing?

It’s unknown how exactly this software works, but PatrikZero has explained how it tackles particular sounds in the game.

According to the pro player, PatrikZero’s CSGO Hearing Protection will help reduce noise exposure, potentially avoiding hearing damage in the long term. The game would run normally, but the software will mute the audio as soon as it detects a flashbang. He doesn’t guarantee that it works 100%, but it sure makes CSGO sounds less aggressive and annoying.

“It took me nine years of playing to develop tinnitus, and I was playing at a reasonable volume. I am no expert, but I suspect this is due to a build-up of small periods of very high volume (Shooting, Flashes, Grenades, Bomb explosion, Dinks),” PatrikZero said.

He’s rolled out the first version of the program so far, which would continue to get more updates. Zero plans to add volume tweaks for more CSGO audio files, but players will have to wait for that. FaceIt has also verified this software so players can run it in the background as any other file. According to Zero, it only uses information that counter-strike reveals as free, so it’s not considered as a cheat.

It’s worth noting that this software isn’t foolproof and can only filter out selected Flashbang sounds. You may still hear the sharp audio when your player model turns away from the grenade to dodge it. The sound only gets muted when the software knows you’ve been flashed. Hopefully, Zero would add more advanced features if this program actually works for those who need it.

PatrikZero’s CSGO Hearing Protection can be downloaded from here.


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