Jett super dash

This new Cypher-Jett super dash is hilarious and game-breaking

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Jett is once again up to no good. The wind-ranger is at the center of a new bug that allows her to use Cypher’s trip as a rubber band. 

Valorant’s S-tier duelist, Jett, is known for her pesky super dashes. Riot Games is always quick to ban the new finds, but players continue to find unusual boosts. This new bug involves Cypher’s Tripwire, which springs Jett into a super dash. 

Super dashing is generally illegal in Valorant, but players have found many different ways to get Jett an inimitable vantage point. Riot Games may have limited Jett’s flight, but this one doesn’t actually send her into the sky.

This trick works on almost all maps. Before patch 3.0, Jett could break through Cypher’s Tripwire, but the developers nerfed her ability to cross through. Players have discovered a new way to use enemy wires to their advantage. Jett can super dash by using a backward Tailwind and then Updrafting. 

Cypher’s Tripwire acts like a rubber band in this case. When Jett dashes back into the band, it springs her forward. However, Jett must instantly use her Updraft while pressing the forward key. This allows her to move into the site at an incredibly high speed. Enemies won’t be able to catch the fleet-footed Jett, who can fly across a great distance in the blink of an eye. 

This is a game-breaking bug and will likely get patched up soon. Riot Games might even deliver a hotfix for it as Jett is already considered to be supremely powerful. This glitch makes her unbeatable against regular agents who lack mobility. 

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What’s a Jett super dash in Valorant? 

A Jett super dash is a bug that provides Jett with incredible speed using her Tailwind and Updraft abilities.

Multiple super dashes have been found throughout Valorant’s life. Sometimes the agent can reach unusually high vantage points by pressing herself to objects and then up drafting. She can sometimes reach unplayable areas.

Riot patches new super dashes out of the game very quickly, but new ones keep getting found.