This Neon setup on Ascent lets her take sites for free

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

It’s been a while since Riot Games has rolled out a self-sufficient entry fragger but new agent Neon might be able to fill in that role. This B setup on Ascent proves. 

Neon has quickly found her footing in Valorant’s packed duelist roster. Players love the new dive feature that rattles enemies and helps them break into the site. Neon is a highly versatile agent who can carry herself into enemy territory with minimal help. 

Agent 19 is most viable on larger locations. On Ascent, Neon becomes a force to be reckoned with as she can run around without hitting tight corners. When needed, she can break down the enemy’s defense on her own. This new setup on Ascent’s B site shows just how self-sufficient Neon is. 

How to open Ascent’s B site with Neon

Neon is equipped with an electrifying dual-barrier and two concuss bolts. These two abilities can help open Ascent’s B site with minimal help from a controller. Here’s how to do so. 

Request a Controller to smoke off the defender’s spawn and market. Once these two angles are blocked, aim up at the window opening inside B alley. Equip Fast Lane and place down the barriers. These curtains will block the view of enemies at runway and B stairs. Throw one Relay Bolt in Market and the other in defender’s spawn to lock down the two entries. 

This setup will provide a safe spot outside B for your teammates to huddle and attack enemies. The defenders won’t dare cross the dual-barriers as they deal heavy damage. Close market doors while the Fast Lane is still up and prepare to High Gear into the stairs. You’ll have to pick aim duels with max two enemies inside the bomb point if it’s not a stack. Clearing the site should be a cakewalk with the help of other aimers in your team. 

How to use Neon’s wall

Neon’s Fast Lane is one of the most potent barriers in the game as it deals damage, provides cover, and can go through solid objects. To send it through a wall, make sure to aim at an opening while setting down the barrier. For example, if you’re placing a Fast Lane on Ascent’s B site, aim at the sky peeking from the tiny window. The wall should go through smoothly if the projectile doesn’t hit a solid object.